Teesside man sets up his own mental health helpline and tells his inspiring story.

A Teesside man has set up his own mental health charity to help people in his local area.

Flynn Rowntree.

21-year-old Flynn Rowntree, from Redcar,  has set up his own mental health charity Cont;nue.

Flynn said: “It all started for me when my Dad took his own life at 18, then a year later my Grandad died and then when I was vulnerable, I fell in love and got my heart broken.”

In a sensitive interview, Flynn tell’s us why he set the charity up, his personal story and his aims for the future.


Flynn is already a qualified Mental Health Support Worker and works in 4 Support Home’s across Redcar to help those who are struggling with their mental health and helps them to get back on their feet and back into society.

Cont;nue is a platform aimed for those who are struggling to reach out and talk about their mental health.

Flynn now has pages to promote the charity on Facebook and Instagram, to which he has over 300 likes.

Flynn also posts videos, which gain over 1000 views, offering advice and talking about his day on these platforms.

He knows that his supporters watch them, and they take inspiration and the advice from these videos away with them.

Podcasting was also another idea that Flynn had and is hoping that by 2021 he can get some guests to speak with him about their own experiences.

Flynn said: “The podcast is there to help people.”

“The amount of support that I had had when I first set it up was amazing.

“I am on a journey with my supporters and the only way is up.”

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