Living with Covid-19 – studying at university.


Students have  returned to their studies at Teesside University while living with the Covid-19 virus.

It has been a very perilous five or six months for everyone around the world as the coronavirus continues to change the way in which we all live.

Life in general has been very strange for everyone however, how have students coped amidst the coronavirus with all the restrictions that have been put in place?

TUxtra reporter Robert Doe went around the Teesside campus to see how university students are getting on.

Robert found that students from all subjects are finding it difficult to settle into university but feel coming back has helped their life return to somewhat normality.

Students have also found the move to online teaching helpful although.

Click on the link below to find how students are coping at Teesside University.

Teesside University staff are doing everything they can do make sure students feel safe and are getting the most out of their studies whilst on the University campus.

Elisha Lycett, President Welfare at Teesside University Students’ Union (TUSU) said: “We are talking to students online and, socially distanced, in-person every day.

“There is no doubt that this is a challenging and worrying time for everyone, regardless of their age or background, and that we are heading into a difficult Autumn and early 2021.

“However, we have worked closely and successfully with the University to ensure our building and the wider campus are as safe and welcoming as possible.

“We have also provided ongoing physical and virtual support and a range of day and evening events since the initial lockdown through to the re-opening of campus.

“All of that work will continue, and we will also keep ensuring that student’s opinions are fully heard when the University is taking decisions about developments to learning, teaching, and the availability of services and facilities on campus.

“We would simply urge students to keep following the safety guidelines fully and keep in touch with their students’ union plus other sources of help and support on and off-campus.”

How things have changed with Covid-19

2019 – THEN

Teesside University prior to the coronavirus




















2020 – NOW

Teesside University now students have returned to the campus

In and around England, some students are struggling to get to grips with a new beginning at university.

Many students around England have been forced into lockdown before they even have chance to get to grips with their surroundings as coronavirus cases continue to rise.

It was reported that at Northumbria University, there were almost 770 cases of coronavirus among students.

Students haven’t found it easy during this times, as lockdown restrictions in some places become stricter and stricter.

At Nottingham University, four students were fined £10,000 each after throwing a house party within their accommodation.

In what is a very difficult time, it is important students follow all the guidelines correctly to ultimately slow down the cases of coronavirus to increase the likelihood of student life returning back to normality.


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