With welcome week now over its time to look back on how we have been introduced back to campus and to university life ahead of formal classes starting on Monday.

TUXtra has been doing all it can to integrate new students to the university as well as welcoming  back returning students.

With the university not being able to run its usual welcome week activities, TUXtra took it upon ourselves to provide a little activity for students to do in their accommodation.

The TUXtra Big Quiz ran on Monday, Tuesday and Friday live from Aurora House with quiz rounds on many topics from general knowledge to movies and music, along with a few special guests along the way. The quiz’s were hosted by two students, Catherine Roys, a 3rd year Film and TV student and Tom Scott, a second year Computer Games Programming Student.

The shows proved to be a huge success, gaining audiences on the TUXtra website as well as on the Twitch stream. There were 3 winners for each quiz who received Amazon vouchers varying in worth to whether they placed 1st, 2nd or 3rd.

The production wasn’t only hosted by students but also directed  by them as well.  Tyrone Devon, George Balm, Reece Foster and Owain Newton, all 3rd year Film and TV students, directed, vision-mixed and floor managed the productions.


The TUXtra Big Quiz however wasn’t the only event to come out of TUXtra on welcome week, On Monday TUXtra hosted a takeover of BBC’s Newscast Podcast with Adam Fleming.

The podcast plaid host to TUXtra presenter Catherine Roys and  Dr Jonathan Eaton, the Academic Registrar for the university tackling various questions about how the campus was planing to reopen safely and how it would address any of students concerns.

Catherine then went on to  be asked back onto the podcast on Friday to cohost a virtual pub quiz for all those not able to go to the pub with the recent guidelines on pub closure times. They also discussed the differences in how freshers week had been run this year compared to previous years.

The two episodes are available to listen to from the links below.



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