Teesside Adding Colour to World Mental Health Awareness Day

Teesside University has reopened its doors for the start of a brand new academic year and there is little to no doubt that people’s anxieties are at all time high.

COVID-19 restrictions are in full force with requirements of wearing a face covering, social distancing measures in place, as well as sanitising when entering and leaving campus facilities.

With all that is going on at the moment, a few minutes of peace is just what everyone needs.

Fortunately, an event took place in celebration of World Mental Health Awareness Day. The President Welfare at Teesside University, Elisha Lycett held an “Where’s your head at ?” day where colouring books and coloured pencils were available to staff and students.

The Teesside University social media post regarding this event.


This event allowed staff and students to go to the Student Union and spend some time “completing and or taking away a Free TUSU therapeutic colouring book!” this being described on the poster, promoting this fantastic event.

“The colouring books were created by last year’s student officers, I saw that they were available and thought World Mental Health Awareness Day would be a great opportunity to give them to staff and students.” says Elisha, Welfare President of TU. (Pictured above)

“I personally love colouring books because taking some time out and colouring in, is so calming. I’m glad I could give them to staff and students so they could experience that too.”

“However to make sure the event happened, I ensured that it was COVID-19 safe. I did this by informing people of a few rules, such as only touching what they want, sanitising their hands before picking anything up.

“There was also the option of taking it home if that is what preferred, but also making sure they aren’t being left behind after using them.”

“It is very important to hold small events like this. It keeps students engaged and they know we are there for them by helping them out in any way we can”.


Student, Archana, 22, (pictured above) attended the event and said:” I saw the marketing advertisement on the Universities Facebook page and I was very intrigued. So I went along and overall, I had a very good experience.”

“I have quite a lot of lectures on campus, therefore I have my trust in the University to make sure that it was safe for students. This was done with the hand sanitiser that was ready and waiting for me to use before picking up a colouring book and pack of pencils.”

“There weren’t that many people there but at the same time, I preferred it that way because it was very welcoming and calming. I of course, sanitised before picking up a colouring book and a pack of pencils as this was what the rules were.”

“Usually the Student Union is pretty loud but this event was very relaxing and the atmosphere created was inviting. It made me forget about my worries for a while because of how quiet it was !”

“It was also very nice taking time off social media because when I usually have some free time, I scroll through socials. I really enjoyed this event and I will be more than happy to attend events the University put on in the future.”

Another student, Grace, 20, chose the alternative option of taking the colouring book and pencils with her to complete at home. She said “I heard about the event from a friend and I went along to find out more.”

“I think it is very important that the University have events like this, especially with what is currently going on.”

“I followed the rules by sanitising my hands and ultimately, I am very glad that there was the option to either stay at the Student Union and colour or go home and complete it.”

Teesside have required everyone on campus to use the Safe Zone app, which allows an easier process of Track and Trace.

For information regarding Mental Health and Wellbeing:

Student & Library Services advisers can be contacted via email at studentlife@tees.ac.uk.

The Counselling Service can be contacted on studentlife@tees.ac.uk.




















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