It’s no secret that the coronavirus pandemic has sent the business world into complete freefall.

Many restaurants; bars; beauty salons and entertainment venues have closed and some will not reopen.

This has left many workers facing unemployment and hardship.

But one Middlesbrough based cash and carry wholesaler has reported a surge in business since lockdown as the demand for essential goods skyrocketed.

Middlesbrough business Parfetts has boomed during the pandemic.


While consumers and businesses alike are adapting in different ways, few businesses such as Parfetts have been increasing their sales and have been busier than ever.


Joe Tindle, Supply chain manager at Parfetts Middlesbrough

The growth comes from an increase in demand for essential goods in the convenience sector.

Joe Tindle, Supply Chain Manager at Parfetts,  said: “Even during this tough market conditions we were able to meet customer demands, by offering exceptional service to retails across the region.”

“Our sales are surging up massively and we have doubled our profits.”





Saneesh Joseph, Owner of Joseph’s Convenience store in Middlesbrough.

Saneesh Joseph, Owner of Joseph’s Convenience in Middlesbrough,  said: “When the pandemic first surfaced, I just didn’t know what to do, there was an increased demand for essential goods and the industry itself was overwhelmed, we just didn’t know how to meet customer demands as stocks began to run out.”

“So we quickly turned to wholesale providers like Parfetts, where retailers have the opportunity to shop in bulk as the demand rose.

“I can say Parfetts exceptional service during the lockdown has helped my business thrive during these difficult times.”

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