People have been busy at their sewing machines making scrubs for NHS staff.

A group of local sewers have banded together to produce sets of scrubs for staff at James Cook and Roseberry Park hospitals.

They are also supplying doctors surgeries, midwives, community nurses and coronavirus homes.

The group, made up of 30 core members and around 700 additional supporters, have already made over 1000 sets of scrubs and are still hard at work to make more for NHS staff.

Hospital staff are using more at the moment in the fight against coronavirus, leaving them in desperate need of workwear, which is where the sewers come in.

They are ready to do as much as they can to support key workers on the front lines and to show their gratitude.

TUXtra spoke to Sarah Grierson, a member of the group, about the work they have been doing.

The group were paying for all of the materials themselves but have now set up a crowd funding page to get donations from the public as well. This goes directly towards buying the fabric needed to produce these vital garments.

In just a month they have raised £2,566 from the community.

As well as monetary donations, they also appealed for materials on social media and received help from seamstresses, artists and shops.

The group are always looking for more volunteers who are skilful with a sewing machine.

To find out more and to donate to the cause, visit the crowd funding page.

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