It is that time of year again and the Salvation Army are back with their Christmas present appeal.

Teesside university has been at hand helping out with Salvation Army  campaign.

A group of journalism and media students have been working alongside the Salvation Army for one of their modules.

They have set up various social media handles; produced quality news content and have arranged multiple fund raising events.

This appeal is a great way to ensure that those who are less fortunate have an enjoyable Christmas.

You have until December 3 to donate your gifts and drop them at the Salvation Army on Southfield Road.

Specifically they are looking for new and/or unopened presents for children aged 0-17, male and female.

All the gifts the students managed to collect

Teesside is attempting, this year, to get more gifts for older boys and babies.

For babies, they are looking for: baby clothes, teddies, puzzles, bath toys and cot mobiles.

For older boys, they are looking for: gadgets, headphones, toiletries, hats and gloves.

The students at Teesside have managed to collect a mountain of presents in the hope to make a small difference this Christmas.

Naomi Kelly, the Lieutenant at Middlesbrough’s Salvation Army, has been working closely with the Teesside students.

Naomi said; “Christmas is about sharing love to other people, lots of children in our community have very little. It’s not about the material things that they get at Christmas, it’s about the fact that people have loved them enough to donate”

“People should donate to support their neighbour, because if we all loved each other the world would be a better place.”

Get involved and add a little something extra to your shopping list this year and make a child smile this Christmas.

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