My adventure from Nigeria to Teesside University started a year ago when I decided to undertake a master’s degree in Digital Media and Communications and hoped to learn so much from it.

I was a little paranoid because soon I would be travelling from Nigeria to the UK
and finding myself in a land that was alien to me.

But the warm welcome I got when I arrived Teesside University made my paranoia go away! The next few days were the most beautiful time I had as an International student.

I got a chance to meet my course mates and professors and got to know more about the course I was so excited about.

I made some new friends straight away, and I never once felt that I was in a new country among strangers.

In class with some friends and lecturer
Charity Orji talks about her experiences while studying at Teesside University.

I have spent most of my time in classrooms as all my classes were held there but I loved studying at the Library.

The library has the best facilities I have ever seen, there are also library assistants to help and it runs 24 hours.

Studying here in Teesside University has helped to expand my academic horizon, unlike in my undergraduate days back in my country; here, the teachers promote a student-teacher relationship, which has given me the opportunity to develop critical thinking skills because all my questions are answered and solutions are also given sometimes through explorations.

Before coming here I had no idea about video and audio editing, but I have a good knowledge of it now and that is an advantage to my future career.

This university has not only given me knowledge, but also given me a chance to grow professionally and add lots of experience to my CV.

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