Graphic Novels & PR: How TU prepares students for working in industry

‚ÄėStudents in Partnership‚Äô is a key strand of Teesside University‚Äôs Future Facing Learning strategy which places significant value on collaboration with external partners to provide live-brief experiences for students to help them develop industry-ready skills.

A perfect example of this is the collaboration between Teesside University and Streetwise Opera; Year 2 students in both Comics & Graphic Novels and Public Relations supported and promoted a Streetwise Opera event, in this case an operatic production titled ‚ÄėAfter Winter‚Äô.

What is Streetwise opera? it is a charity using the power of opera to help improve the lives of people affected by homelessness.

What does this project mean? This means that our students have worked with a client on a live brief to produce work that responds to a real public-facing project;

Comics & Graphic Novels students created a graphic novel adaptation of the performance After Winter; Check out this awesome Opera-as-Comic-book in the PDF below!

Media and Communication students created a comprehensive Public Relations campaign to promote the operatic production including campaign graphics, a radio campaign and live event at MIMA (Middlesbrough Institute of Modern Art). See examples of campaign artwork in the gallery below.

Working in groups, each of the Comics & Graphic Novels students tackled different songs within the opera to bring them to life visually, meanwhile our PR students worked in groups to create specific campaigns tailored to specific target audiences

Here‚Äôs a showcase of some of this great work including the Linden Tree (modified to be a socially distanced opera), look at some of Streetwise Opera‚Äôs current projects below including ‘Tell me the truth about love’ or check out their previous opera performances on YouTube

Link to current and previous Streetwise Opera News.




Further information: Streetwise Opera was established as a charity in 2002 and has gone from strength to strength, working with thousands of people who are or have been homeless, providing weekly workshops in homeless centres and arts centres in 5 cities across the UK , and staging numerous critically-acclaimed opera productions.

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