UPCOMING bands on Teesside now have a new place to showcase their talent.

A brand new band night has been introduced into the ever-growing North East music scene and it’s only been going from strength to strength.

Llovers presents, hosted at Darlington’s Avalon Bar and Terrace  in the Town Centre by David Macnab, aims to give upcoming artists from the local area a chance to be heard.

As frontman and guitarist in Teesside based band Llovers, David knows from first hand experience just how important local band nights really are.

We have such a great music scene in Teesside and it’s only getting better and better. There’s so many great new bands around and they need a place to be heard,” He said.


David Macnab DJing Avalon. Photo taken by Lewis Mason and uploaded to Avalon Bar and Terrace’s Facebook page.

“Darlington’s music scene alone is mint, and now I can give bands a chance to play here and everyone else a chance to get more involved with the scene and realise just how important it is for our community.”

The night currently runs every Thursday, with doors opening at 9pm.

Instruments in Avalon set up and ready

David said: “If you’re an upcoming artist and fancy playing in Darlington, just drop me a message on Facebook with a link to some of your music and I’ll see what I can do“.

Singer/songwriter Luke Royalty played Llovers Presents back in September as one of his first gigs as a solo artist.

Luke Royalty and Jess Jinks performing in Avalon in September

Only releasing his first single a month prior, Luke, a student from Darlington, played to a large crowd in Avalon and received an incredibly warm reception.

Luke said: “Its a great chance for local artists to play in front of new audiences as well their friends and family in such a vibrant venue like Avalon.

“Everything about Thursday night in Avalon is exciting but also heartwarming, from its host to its avid attendees.”

Perfect for new artists who want to get into gigging, Llovers Presents has also been host to Manchester based band, Electric Screams.

Frontman of the band, Matthew Fisher, has shared  some advice for any upcoming bands who want to get out there and be heard.

He said: “My advice to anyone wanting to get into gigging is to go see some gigs that other bands are playing, speak to landlords/promoters and uni about any opportunities and take them!

Matthew Fisher and his band, Electric Screams, performing in Avalon

“Make sure you’re well rehearsed and speak to everyone who comes as a way to push things on a little bit.. whether that be an extra audience member each time, someone who will take pictures for you or someone who will put another gig on for you.

Believe in yourself!

Llovers Presents is held every Thursday from 9pm til late in Avalon Bar & Terrace, Darlington.

Admission is free.

If you’re interested in playing at Avalon contact the club through its Facebook page:




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