Halloween is the only night when you can dress up as whoever/whatever you wish and people won’t point fingers at you. It is very scary and exciting night with all these vampires, ghosts and witches out there on the streets. Sadly, our worst enemy of 2020 – coronavirus – made it impossible to ‘trick or treat’ in a usual way. How did people spend the spooky night then?

Fortunately, creative mums from Middlesbrough saved the night! Alisha Partland and Philippa Storey organised a Middlesbrough Halloween Trail, a safe and fun way to ‘trick or treat’. Around 300 streets took part in it. People exchanged their ideas for decorations and costumes on a Facebook page, which was a huge inspiration for others. The scavenger hunt rules included walking around a particular area in your social bubble and once you spotted a decorated house you’d get a sweet or fill in Halloween Bingo card.

Moreover, there were various competitions running on Facebook page, including the best pumpkin or the best decorated house contest. Alisha contacted local as well as larger businesses and managed to get a huge prize for the winner – JET2 tickets for next year to any destination in Europe with the return!


Middlesbrough Halloween Trail was a massive success and families were having a lot of fun this year. However, students prefer a different type of celebration. Every year streets were crowded with students heading towards night clubs on Halloween night, but we all know that it was impossible this year. Nonetheless, students had a lot of fun at the SU, where there was a competition for the best costume and drinks till 9.30pm.


Even though COVID-19 limited our possibilities of Halloween celebration, people from Teesside still had fun, dressing up and socialising with friends.


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