Educational systems differ from country to country.

The emphasis at Teesside University for postgraduate students is on an independent approach to study within a supportive environment.

This is how you can get yourself ready for the change from undergraduate study to a postgraduate education.

Teesside University: The Curve


And here are some of the things to expect when you study at Teesside University:

1. Diversity.
While studying at the university you will meet various people who are not even from the same country as you or region. You must understand that Teesside is a university that welcomes students and lecturers from all parts of the World. It is part of the beauty  of  Teesside University so everyone  has to learn to coexist with others.

2. Personal Tutor.
At Teesside University each student gets assigned to a lecturer as a Personal Tutor. This person will help you with any issues you have in your university career so you always have help and support available.

Wale Ajayi, from Nigeria a  new international student at Teesside University said: ” I’m yet to explore the expectations studying at the university due to covid-19 pandemic which is limiting campus life and physical lectures.

Wale .A. New student at Teesside University

” However, I have learnt one or two  from  few friends that has been here before me, that which I have come to know in a short while. And from the little experience I have gathered while studying and also reading through the university website for guidelines, reading through my university email as well has been my guide for the past few weeks.

” I kind of like the personal tutor settings, there was nothing like that during my first degree. I have been in touch with my personal tutor and it has been helpful during these tough times.”

3.  Self Accountability:
You will need to be more accountable to yourself and studies. During lecture or seminar hours, module leaders and lecturers might wait for few minutes for you to arrive but they  do not come searching for you. They make themselves accessible to you throughout their tutorial and academic hours. However, the responsibility to seek  further academic assistance is yours. You must use your  time wisely if you really want the best for yourself and be more responsible in dealing with the educational aspect of your life.

Student Studying

There are several resources available – especially online – that you have to find out how to navigate.  Make sure you use the first few weeks on your course to explore all the accessible facilities  available to you.

4. Learning Hub and Study Skills
You are, eventually, in charge of your own learning. You will need to develop efficient study methods in order to do well. Which includes skills such as:

`* Preparing for academic research

* Setting up a  presentation

* Managing your study time

* Planning for your assessment

* Note taking

The University has a Learning Hub that can help you with your study skills.

Lisa Kosi, from Nigeria a current student at Teesside University said: ” One has to expect a lot studying at the university aside student social life most especially academic work.”

“Coming to Teesside I thought it would be more of exams but here reverse is the case it is more of research work which is equally good. 

”So far, it has helped me in that aspect and I can boldly say I’m not struggling doing my research project anymore unlike my first year at the university. 

Lisa .K. Student at Teesside University

”Another thing to expect studying at the university, is getting to do things yourself without being spoon feed though there is nothing to worry because you will be getting maximum support from lecturers in their respective courses.

“Well for me it’s been a smooth journey studying at Teesside University as I can identify were my weaknesses and strengths lie in times of research work, academic writing  and working independently.” 

Through practice and reviews from lecturers and course mates, your study skills will improve.

You will be shocked by how your ability to think critically  grows over time along with your writing skills and overall academic performance.

To know more visit the university’s Learning Hub website: .


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