Staying active is the key to an enjoyable university experience

Exercise can help you have a better experience at university.

University students should try and keep active during their academic studies in order to improve both their physical and mental health.

University can come with a lot of stress and pressure for students as they try to keep on top of work and make new friends.

A great way to counter these feelings is to keep active.

Philippa Bell, a Sports Development Officer at the Teesside University gym, said: “Active students tend to have a better University experience and are less likely to drop out of University.”

“Physical activity on campus can also help combat loneliness amongst students and help students feel part of a University community.”

A recent study completed by UK Active states that students who are more physically active ‘enjoy higher levels of wellbeing and social interaction.’ 

Dr Mathew Wade, UK Active Head of Research, said: “The results show a positive impact on mental and personal wellbeing, social inclusion, social trust, a reduction in loneliness, and improved perceptions of high academic attainment and employability prospects.”

There are many ways for students to keep active on the University campus or elsewhere.

Teesside University offers a wide variety of facilities which students can use in order to keep fit.

Teesside University’s gym has a large array of equipment and machines that are suitable for all students, even those who have little experience in a gym.

On top of this, Teesside University hosts a great mixture of extra-curricular activities that specialise in keeping students active and can help students interact with one another.

There are also many ways for students to keep active at home during the current pandemic and national lockdown without spending any money on fancy equipment.

Philippa Bell advises students to ‘utilise the outdoors to go for walks or runs while at home.’

She said: “I would not recommend that students go out and purchase gym equipment for their homes as there are far cheaper and more environmentally friendly workout options.”

As well as offering gym facilities, the Teesside University gym also have been posting home workouts that students can easily access.

Philippa said: “Each week on our Teesside Sport Facebook and Twitter page we have been posting home workouts and we will have a Winter Vacation activity plan up and running  by our social media pages.”

On top of this, the Teesside Sport YouTube channel will be launching at the start of 2021.

This will feature some pre-recorded fitness classes as well as some live fitness classes.

To access these features you can follow Teesside Sport on either Facebook or Twitter where you will find all of their home workouts and more.




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