The first thing international students go in search of when they arrive at Teesside University is getting a place to stay.  

When it comes to housing some international students are anxious of were to settle for at least the first few months while others settle for the university accommodation without further research. 

There are a wide range of places to settle here in Middlesbrough and it all depends on a student’s choice.

Teesside University welcomes many international students yearly and has made sure to  provide suitable accommodation for its students making them feel at home away from home

On Campus

The University went as far as making sure the new student accommodation Cornell Quarter gets completed despite the pandemic for the new academic year with students having access to a laundry room, movie room, common lounge, gymoffice space and a conducive environment to settle in.  

Cornell Quarter

 Aside the new building, the University has other student accommodation suitable for all  depending on your  budget. On campus accommodation such as Woodlands Hall, West Parkside Village, East Parkside Village, Parkside Hall, Central Halls and Kings Edwards Square are fully furnished, all come with 24/7 free wi-fi access, laundry, 40 weeks rental agreementmaintenance and security.  

Off Campus 

There are  private owned accommodations which are handled by agencies or the property’s owner.

Off campus accommodation are also shared and come in different categories such as shared toilet, bathroom, ensuite facilities, kitchen and common space with different range of weekly rent depending on what you choose.

Most off-campus accommodation is not bills inclusive in the rent you pay.

Student Accommodation Off Campus

Raoul,  from Cameroon is a PhD international student of Teesside University.

He said : When getting a student accommodation, one has to look out for the size, space, location and the state of condition the apartment is in.”

   “There are quite nice off campus houses around the university which are being maintained by the landlord or agency in charge while most of it must be maintained by occupants.”  

Raoul, a student at Teesside University.

‘’Nevertheless, on campus accommodation seems much better mostly for international students who came for their first degree because it’s owned by the university and there are no issues about maintenance, paying of bills or worrying over the level of  security.

 “At the end of the day it’s still an individual choice to make.

“Some students prefer off campus to on campus or  vice versa.

“Most importantly be sure it is close to where you can easily come out to buy things or the  town centre.’’ 

Below are the following student accommodation tips: 

  1. Stay on campus accommodation for your first year if you can.
  2. Don’t rely on just the pictures shown online make sure you go and see the house yourself. 
  3. Go for furnished or semi-furnished housing. 
  4. Be sure the environment is safe.  
  5. Check out multiple places before making your choice 
  6. Avoid signing one-year off campus housing contract just in case you want to leave the apartment in a short while. 
  7. Be sure it is not too far from  university. 
  8. Make sure to read through all documents before signing. 
  9. Bill inclusive housing is less stressful.
  10. Make sure to study the environment.

Find out more about Teesside University’s student accommodation: 

You can as well read online for off campus accommodation: or download Zoopla property search. 

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