Jane O’Neill editor of Commercial Interior Design magazine

Jane O’Neil graduated from BA (Hons) Cultural Studies in 2002 and she is the editor of Commercial Interior Design at ITP Media Group, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

“My degree in Cultural Studies at Teesside University set the foundations for a professional qualification and a 20-plus-year career in journalism, which eventually brought me to the Middle East.

It’s an exciting time to be a global creative in 2022. Where I live, in the United Arab Emirates, we’ve come through some of the strictest Covid protocols, to a renewed sense of optimism and possibilities.

The young country I now call my home recently marked its Golden Jubilee and, after 50 years in the physical world, has now moved on to exploring the metaverse and virtual worlds. March marks art month in Dubai and there are fairs and exhibitions taking place around the city. I’ve joined these creative enterprises to report on events for the B2B publication and digital platform that I’m editor of – – Commercial Interior Design.”

Jane at the launch of Art Dubai 2022, pictured in the new digital art gallery

Jane O’Neil editor of ~Commercial Interior Design Dubai

Photo credits: ITP Media Group

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