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Being a student, especially an International student,  is very expensive.

With tuition fees, accommodation, feeding and living expenses- it only gets pricier.

So make sure to max out your student discount because every penny counts.

Hundreds of retailers, brand names, online shops and restaurants in Middlesbrough and across UK offer student discount which is enjoyed by both home and international students.

You just have to ask because most companies and stores do not always display their student discount offers.

You only get to use this for the number of years you are studying, so making the most of the student discount should be a top priority.

After all,  a lot of you are paying so much for tuition, so you deserve getting something in return (of course other than education).

Here are some tips for making the most of your student discount:

Always have your student card with you:

student identity card

Every uni student should have their student card in their wallet, which is the university ID card you’re given when you first enrol on your course.

Your student card is free and entitles you to a whole host of discounts.

You’ll often need to use it in a store to serve as a proof you are a student if you want to maximize the student discount offers.

Download UNiDAYS, StudentBeans or Totum:

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As a student, getting discount is a bonus.

Simply download these apps(UNiDAYS, StudentBeans or Totum) from your Google or Apple Play Store, register with your school number and school mail, then you are ready to enjoy all student discounts while shopping both in-store and online without limitations.

And remember, it’s not just high-street shops that offer student discount – you can also get money off restaurants, takeout and more.

Always ask if a shop offers student discount:

For some reason, some shops may prefer not to display or advertise their student discounts but are happy to offer it when you ask; so just ask whilst in store, there is no harm in asking.

Remember to use your student discount online:

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You might not be able to use your standard student card from uni for a discount online, but with apps like Unidays and Student Beans, you’ll be able to get your online student discount at several online shops.

Some International students have also told us how they have made us of student discounts so far.

Imelda, an MA student, said: “It is safe to say that shopping using student discount and using the card has somewhat been a lifesaver.”

“I have made use of the student discount card in so many ways such as online shopping, in retail stores and for reducing my transportation fares with trains and buses.

“Getting the discount card does not cost much, It costs £12 for a year, £22 for two years or £32 for three years. But you’ll definitely make that back in discounts!

“All you need is your debit/credit card and your student identity card to get started. Choose your place of study from the list, enter some personal details and your card will be with you within 7 working days, ready for you to start saving whilst using the student discount app too.

“For me the discount card has been of great help in situations where I do not have enough funds to cover for my bill.

“I am glad I got my student discount card and the app too because it has most times given me great drops in the prices of items thus making it affordable and encouraging to purchase more items that I need.”

Lisa, studying Applied International Management,  said: “Student life is amazing but at the same time can be very hard, especially when you are studying away from home where you are forced to be independent.”

“Using the student discount has been beneficial because it has saved me a whole lot of money since studying abroad away from home is expensive.

“I have used it whilst in store and also online, gotten travel discounts and so much more.

“It has really helped me save some money and made life easier for me while studying abroad.”

Jude,  an MA Digital Media and Communications student,  said: “I have benefitted so much from using student discount.”

“I usually use it whenever I place an order for food or other in-betweens like pizza, chips and burgers.

“I have also used,  and I am still using it, in selected stores that both in store and online and it has helped me spend less and save more.”

So It doesn’t hurt to ask!

If you are in the restaurant or in a shop you can always ask if they accept any student discounts.

Or you can also do your research online before choosing the best places to eat or shop that give a student discount.

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