A special celebration was held on the university campus for all of Teesside’s international students.

Fire eaters; acrobats and circus skills and cuisine from around the world were all part of the event organised by the university’s International Society.

Registration in front of the curve

Teesside University, which has students from over 100 countries, celebrates the diversity of its students by hosting such events to make them feel less lonely and distant from home.

The event was planned by the International Society after talking with the students to decide what they wanted to do.

Souad Leith, President of the international Society, said:  “The International celebration was a great idea pitched by someone and since then it has been an annual event to welcome everyone and be a reminder of how diverse and supportive the University is.”

“Some International students suffer culture shock and more serious issues like homesickness, therefore an event like this helps to bring more life into the campus.”

The events took place outside The Curve  and later inside The Student Union from 6 pm.

The highlight of the whole night was the circus performance by professional acrobats which was very entertaining followed by a free international cuisine provided to the students.

There was also a live music performance by a local band ended the event.

A fun henna tattooing session was also provided with profits going to charity.

Stilt Walker
Performance by an acrobat
Fire eater











Master’s student Tanvi Jain,  from India, said: “The whole event helped me feel closer to home and forget about my approaching deadlines, I feel like I’ve had real fun.”

The International Student Society hopes to host more  events in the future like paint balling and  a trip to Scotland.

To find more information and to keep an eye on future events feel free to check the International Student Society website:- https://www.tees-su.org.uk/get_involved/soc/isasociety/

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