Teesside Wildcats Cheerleaders -going through their training routine in preparation for the national competition


Teesside Univerity’s cheerleader team is set to take part in a national competition to find the best routine in the country.

The Wildcats are currently training for the event which takes place in Newcastle in January and will include cheerleader teams from around the country and other universities.

Team Captain Opi Jones said: “Teamwork is very important, I like the aspect of teamwork and the fact that everyone works together and seeing how everyone improves is very pleasing.”

The Team has a strict training regime which includes a mixture of stunts, jumping, dancing, tumbling and gymnastic skills and is tailored to prepare for competition.

This is incorporated within the teams motto: ”We are the Teesside Wildcat Cheerleaders of Teesside. We work hard, train hard and we aim to be the best.”

Teesside Wildcats are divided into two different levels which are Ambush (level one) and Dynasty (level two) and train several times a week.

They are a friendly bunch of males and females who are open to new faces no matter your background or experience.

Team Chairman Jamie Smith said that being a previous gymnast has helped but is not eesentail.

He said: “I started gymnastics at five and when I joined Uni there was no gymnastics team so I joined the cheerleader team.”

“A lot of people don’t realise what cheerleading is, they think it’s all pompoms and ribbons.

“It is not that hard but it’s definitely not natural and that is why it is important that we train but anyone can do it if they put the time and effort in.”

If you are interested in joining the Wildcats you can do so via Facebook where their page is Teesside Wildcats 18/19.


Team Captain – Opi Jones talks about the Wildcats.

Team Chairman – Jamie Smith talks about being involved in cheerleading.


Story submitted by Mark Richardson and Charles Cavilla.



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