The Moses Project in Stockton

The Moses Project is a volunteer ran project in Stockton which helps vulnerable men in the area who are disengaged from society through homelessness, addiction or other factors.

They run daily drop ins where men can have a free hot meal, chance to socialise and even be referred to rehabilitation facilities. Their main focus is to get people back on the right tracks and assist clients with housing, healthcare, employment and therapy.

Brian Jones and his wife Stella founded the Project in the late 1990’s. The pair had a ‘Coffee Bus’ which drove around the Teesside area helping those on the streets have something warm to eat and give them the help they need. Since then, they have a permanent residence in Stockton.

Loneliness affects a lot of the men the Moses Project helps. For example, those who are homeless can feel isolated from society as they are on the streets by themselves and have no one to turn to. According to homeless charity Shelter, in the UK at least 32,000 people in the UK are homeless and sleeping rough.

Loneliness can affect someone in a serious way – with isolation usually leading to depression and ever suicidal thoughts if an individual has no one to turn to.

At the Moses Project, I spoke to some of the hundreds of men they help about the Project and how it helps them overcome their personal battles with loneliness.

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