With a General Election looming, TUXtra went out on campus to capture a snapshot of students’ views on what promises to be the most fascinating vote in a generation

When Boris Johnson is visiting tea factories in your local area, you know something big is happening in the world of politics.

But just in case you haven’t caught wind of this news yet, the country will be going to polls this Christmas – with a general election now confirmed for the December 12.

With issues such as the NHS, Climate Change and higher education funding all areas of contested debate amongst the population – not to mention the ongoing melodrama that is Brexit – this forthcoming election should prove one of the most fascinating in a generation (at least until the next one).

But what do you as students think, going into what for many of you will be their first opportunity to vote in a UK wide election?

Do you make your judgement based on the big national issues and who you ultimately want as Prime Minister?

Or do you take a local view and vote for the person you feel will best represent your interests closer to home?

In an effort to find a snapshot of opinion on these questions and more, TUXtra reporter Alex Cook went out and about on campus to ask you,what issues matter when it comes to casting your vote?

Important notice: To vote in this coming election, you will need to have registered to vote by 11:59pm on the  November  26 2019 (or by 5pm for postal voting).

For full details on how to register to vote, including how as a student you can register at both your home and term time addresses (but only vote once!), please see our supporting article below or head to gov.uk/registertovote.


Got 5 - Register online to vote - UK General Election deadline 26 November

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