The Newest Show in Town

The festive season is well and truly underway here on campus and what better way to spend it than by joining the Broken Remote crew for their pilot episode of TU’s Big Mix, the hottest new weekly talk show covering everything from the latest in sports and entertainment to the local music scene as well as what’s on on campus.

How many more times do you want to watch the same pro chefs tell you how to cook a turkey? How many more times can you stand to watch the same top 40 Christmas Songs countdown? And who here is sick to death of watching all the old-timey Christmas comedy specials day after day?

Well, we have a solution, TU’s Big Mix is here to spice up your festive season with a lot more variety (it is the spice of life after all). Join Jacob Vyle as he runs you through the latest releases in entertainment, perfect for learning about potential gifts for family and friends. Learn what’s happening around town as our team takes the Snowman Trail. Experience some of the sports societies on offer as Adam shows you a perfect way to burn off the Christmas calories with the American Football team. And last but not least, watch in awe as one of our local musicians takes to the stage to wrap up the show.

“TU’s Big Mix will undoubtedly provide students with fun and entertaining shows every week. We wanted to make this as enjoyable and entertaining as we could so that every week a viewer could tune in every week and get a new taste for the surrounding area” Jacob Vyle said after being asked about his thoughts on the show.

So tune in next Monday, 9th December at 4 pm to witness the Christmas edition pilot episode of TU’s Big Mix, its a little bit of everything.

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