Why not take up a sport at Teesside University?

Charlotte plays Rugby at Teesside University.

Teesside University offers a range of sporting clubs you can join when you come to study here.

There are many reasons why students should join a sports club at the university, especially international students.

This is because it will help you to feel more involved in university life and help you get to know your fellow students.

At Teesside University you can gain a lot of skills and experience. You can have fun while being involved in the sporting clubs.

Being part of any sport team or club at Teesside University is an amazing opportunity to develop your skills and also stay fit.

Tuxtra spoke to  Anita Thomas, an international student and also a sportswoman from Teesside University.

Anita Thomas

Q: Hi Anita, Can you tell us more about yourself and what sparked your interest in sports?

Anita: “Hi, my name is Anita Thomas, I am currently doing my undergraduate in Journalism Sport here in Teesside University.”

“As a young child, I was always interested in sports.”

My Dad was a professional baseball player and he loved to play golf as well.

“We usually hung out with him and I picked up an interest in football and volleyball.

“Now, I’m just focused on volleyball as I will love to play professionally.”

Q: What was your first impression of the exercise labs at the University?

Anita: “Coming to Teesside University I just want to get involved is so many different aspects of life.”

“My first view of the exercise labs was impressive.

“Their temperature environmental controlled chamber is another part of the facility which stands second to none.

“The chamber helps each sports professional easily recover from injuries in addition to giving them a soothing feeling after every training session.

“Each gym has the best machines for fitness, weight loss and cardio workouts.

“Each gym member usually got a personalized workout program so they could work out with less supervision and it was always open for students.”

Q: A lot of people have great admiration for the Sports Hall at Teesside. What do you think about them? 

Anita: “Being part of the sporting club, has really developed my skills.”

“Teesside has a lot of beautiful and spacious sports halls.

“Whether you choose to play basketball, volleyball, tennis or badminton, there are standard halls that suit your choice of sports.

“During my first week here, I toured the halls and I was particularly impressed with the squash courts.

“The squash courts are world-standard courts which can comfortably accommodate two squash players who want to enjoy a beautiful game.

“In the squash hall, I didn’t miss the opportunity to see Teesside’s huge climbing walls.

“The climbing wall is uniquely designed to stretch your core and entire body.”


Q: You talked about the team spirit you saw in each Teesside sports team, can you throw more light on that?

Anita: ” Teesside truly believes in teamwork, they strive to ensure their sportsmen and sportswomen form teams that can compete among themselves in subsequent local & international competitions.

“They have sports activities for every student depending on their interests.”

Q:Does Teesside hire professional coaches to coach their teams?

Anita: “Since I came to this institution, I have met only a few professional coaches. Students control a lot of what happens in the team as they also get handy coaching advice from our professional coaches at times.

“Each training session is an opportunity to learn a new drill and build commitment towards the team’s goals.”

See links below for some of the sports clubs available at Teesside University.


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