YOU can with TUCan

What is TUCan?

Want to create R&D solutions, product animation, immersive technologies, film production, app development, 360, AI and data analytics? YOU CAN with TUCan!

TUCan studios is an in-house digital production studio based here at Teesside University on the first floor in Aurora house.

Teesside University is one of only a few universities in the UK to have its own in-house production team on campus, available to students.  Take advantage of this opportunity to learn new skills, be a part of a top-quality team, working in partnership with those in the private and public sector, to create new cutting-edge digital content.

In the three years that TUCan studios has been running the team has produced over 35 projects. Working alongside organisations such as Cleveland Fire Brigade, Cyber security and Public Health England TUCan has created on-brand digital solutions to suit their organisation’s needs – great for them and for a student CV!

These projects can be found on the TUCan website under our projects. OUR PROJECTS | Tucan Studio

Available internships…

Students and interns work and contribute to commercial projects alongside leading academics and graduates in exciting multidisciplinary teams which are unique to TUCan studios. Internships will be available to Teesside University students in May 2021 and will last 2-3 months to allow you to gain exceptional work experience in a commercial production studio. Additionally, if you are a graduate looking to develop your confidence before you step into the world of  industry there is also an internship for you, which involves a detailed programme of careers advice and an exit plan from the University central Student Futures helping you plan for your future when you leave.

If you have any inquiries please visit or contact the team at  

In the meantime take a look at some of the amazing work created by the team here at TUCan and see if it is the team for you, because YOU can with TUCan.

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