For my project, I created an animation reel showcasing three animations focused around body mechanics, animal acting & musical performance.

I’ve animated a section from a musical number, a horse behaving like a puppy and a character transformation sequence using body mechanic rigs ; allowing me to explore these various elements of animation.

The musical section is another stylised piece, involving acting and performance using pre-existing music and an already established animatic by another artist.

The horse is a stylised piece inspired by previous animated features created by companies such as Sony Imageworks & Disney.

The final piece focuses on body mechanics and is inspired by another animator’s work as well as transformations as a whole.

Through this exploration, I’ve learned how to work with a pre-existing animatic, creating a believable character within a horse and being able to shift between rigs to produce a believable transformation.



Below is my current animation showreel, showcasing pieces from this project as well as others:

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