Ben’s Combat Demo, a tactical 3rd person shooter with 4 different levels. The HUB works as a gateway to the other 3 levels; The Shooting Range, The Obstacle Course and The Warehouse. A wheel can be interacted with that will set the gateways destination. The Shooting Range is a small room that allows the player to test their weapons; the assault rifle, shotgun and pistol. Once the button has been shot, a hatch will open and the player will have 15 seconds to shoot as many targets as they can. Each target will grant the player a different score depending on the targets distance and mobility state. The high score will be saved and displayed in the HUB along with each of the other levels scores.

The obstacle course is a purposely un-textured level that is designed to test the player mechanics. Against the clock, the player has to complete a trail to unlock and pull each lever. The trial outline will be displayed on a TV screen in the room. Threats will be present in this course; drones, turrets and human enemies. Drones will move randomly between 3 points, turrets won’t move but come in 2 forms. Aim able and stationary. The human enemies will shoot at the player and will move freely throughout the combat area. Once the player has pulled each lever, the safe door will open and allow the player to return to the HUB. The completion time will be saved if it is a high-score and displayed in the HUB.

Most time was put into the Warehouse level, a more traditional level with pacing and level design thought about in depth. This area contains all threats available and the player will need to think about their use of cover. I have developed a cover system for use in my project that is a hybrid between “The Division” and “The Last of Us” that I believe works very well. The player will automatically crouch in cover if they are not aiming or sprinting. These actions break cover allowing the player to move through without interruption and also leave quickly and smoothly if they need to. Aiming will force the player to stand allowing them to see over the top of the cover they are hid behind and shoot the enemy, releasing aim will return them to a crouching position. In this level, the player will also need to shoot targets as well as having their time recorded. These will be saved if they are high-scores and displayed at the HUB.


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