Organ Donation: Coffee with Georgia Wilding

Georgia Wilding

In a tiny coffee shop in Newcastle, Georgia Wilding spoke about her time working for an amazing charity.

With a tape recorder; an enormous cup of coffee and a half eaten piece of cake between the both of us.

Her life as an advocate began to unfold.

Georgia has been an advocate for the charity, LiveLifeGiveLife, for 5 years and still remains passionate about the work she does.

The Charity’s Logo

LiveLifeGiveLife are a British charity who are trying to encourage more people to become an organ donor.

They want to inspire more family discussions about the topic of organ donation.

The charity also wants it to be seen as a celebration and not a suffering.

Additionally, they want to see families coming together and believing that organ donation can help someone live a healthier and longer life.

Here is Georgia’s Story:

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