Did you know that engaging in voluntary work experience is a great way to develop skills for a future career?



Why is that?

Almost all job recruiters request experience (no matter how short the period may be), engaging in voluntary work gives you an edge over those applying for the same position.

It can be any kind of experience such as taking part in the student unions or rendering services to the public. You can even be involved in student clubs and student development projects like tutoring and mentoring in your field of study.


How can you take advantage of this advantage?

With Volun-tees: Volun-tees aims to support staff, students, and recent graduates from Teesside University to engage in volunteering activities both within the local community or on University-led volunteering programmes.

Volun-tees helps you translate your extracurricular activities into valuable information that recruiters can easily assess in order to help you stand out from the competition.



They have various opportunities on their website.

Check them out by clicking here:

You can also read statements from students who volunteered here:


Every skill you can attain while in education will be advantageous in the future.

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