Teesside University Students are delivering TUNEIN,  a virtual online music festival.




Everyone knows going to watch live music is part of the University experience, but the Pandemic has stopped all such events. So, Teesside University students decided to adapt…by replacing a live music event with a virtual version.

“We can’t go to gigs at the moment, so we thought we’d make our own virtual gig!”  Says a Teesside Uni student. 

Students will lead the entire event; planning, producing and directing the music festival, from pre-performance interviews and promotion to lighting, recording and streaming; this truly is an event delivered by Students, for Students – and their friends too.

The event will be organised and delivered using Teesside University’s Media Broadcast facilities which allows students to get live broadcast experience using on-campus TV and Radio studios and equipment.

This virtual music festival will live-stream across TUXtra on Friday 12th February 2021. Sign up below!

Here is what the festival has to offer:

  • The festival will showcase some of the best music with live, streamed and pre-recorded musicians and bands.
  • The festival will provide a virtual alternative to LIVE music and help students to cope.
  • The event will be delivered using Teesside University’s Media Broadcast facilities
  • A virtual music festival By students, For students.

Let us know which Music is Your Medicine  by responding to our posts on Instagram and Facebook– maybe we can invite that band to perform it!

#TUNEIN: Music is Medicine!   

For more information or to sign up to the event please visit @TUXtra on Facebook

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