Why is organ donation important?

Today, 6081 people are currently waiting for an organ donation transplant in the UK. Therefore, it is so important people are aware of the massive impact it can make to somebody else’s life.

Organ donation is simply giving someone else an organ who is in need of a transplant. It is a very generous act and gives someone else a new chance of life. Therefore, relies on donors and their own families agreeing with their donations.

Organ donation is a very controversial subject. Many people have their own views and beliefs towards donating their own or their families organs. One of the biggest things people should do to is let their family know if they want to donate their organs. This can help your family know what you want to do with your organs after you die. It may not be something your family agree with they will be asked to honor it when the time comes.

This year, the laws in England for organ donation will become and ‘opt-out’ system. This now means that all adults will be considered to having consented to being an organ donor when the die. If the adult chose this is not something they wish they can add their details to the NHS Organ Donor Register to say they do not wish to donate.The change to the system in organ donation follows from a public consultation which took place in 2018.

Every single day, three die due to needing an organ. This is due to not enough organs being available for transplants. Changing the law is helping to save and improve the quality of more lives.

If there is absolutely no recorded decision of you on the Organ Donor Register it will be assumed that you want to donate your organs when you die. The new change will still leave a choice on whether adults in England want to donate their organs. If an adult dies and wishes to donate their organs, the options will then be discussed with the families to help their understanding.

Pete Brown,  a Senior Lecturer for Operation Department Practice (ODP) from Teesside University, said: “I think it is a brilliant idea because given the opt-out option I think that would hopefully, eventually give the population a chance, or the people who are in need of an organ donation a better chance of receiving organs and making the waiting list a little bit easier.”

“So I am a strong advocate for the opt-out change. I think it should be carried out, it should be put into place definitely.”

People who are excluded from the new ‘opt-out’ system is anybody under the age of 18. As well as, people who lack any mental capacity to understand the arrangements and visitors/people who have lived here less than 12 years.

This system is already in place in Wales. Their legislation for organ donation is ‘deemed consent’. This means they are already on the organ donation register even if they haven’t registered to be you will still be considered. You can still opt in- opt out on to the registered but it is not a requirement for organ donation.

They maybe many questions on your own personal values and beliefs of donating an organ. NHS are showing their own support system for people who have any questions or queries regarding their own beliefs. This helps to spread more awareness and allow plenty more people to be getting involved by staying opted-in.

The UK has around 5,000 people that die ever year due to the circumstances where organ donations are possible. In April 2018, NHS Blood and Transplant announced that more than 1,500 people in the UK have all donated their organs after they had died.Meaning that more people than ever had received a transplant to transform their life.

Georgia Wilding, an Advocate for Live Life Give Life,  explains: “As a charity we believe opt-out is not going to change in any way.”

“It is more important to educate people so they have got the correct information, so they talk to their families about it and feel that they are able to make that decision, rather than the law telling them this is what you have got to do and they might actually say that they still don’t understand this enough.”

In 2016, there was 23,642,565 who had opted in on the organ donation register. Comparing it to last year, the figures rose to  24,941,804. Showing how more adults in the England are choosing to donate their organs.

By changing the system in England, it will create more awareness around organ donation helping to save more lives.

For further information you can look online at NHS Blood and Transplant or you can contact their dedicated deadline: 300 303 2094.


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