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Some International students.

As new International students settle into Teesside University to study and starting a new life living in Middlesbrough and  the nearby localities, they might have so many questions going on in their minds, especially how they will be able to survive in a foreign land where maybe they do not have any families or friends.

Apart from paying tuition fees, living expenses are also very important because no one wants to just have a constant diet of noodles all the time and not being able to afford their basic needs.

However, the International students should not worry at all because there are a good number of paid part-time jobs in Teesside University  they can get involved in.

That can get you a little bit of extra pocket money and also provide you with an experience related to your course.

These jobs are also located in safe environments.

Yes your priority for coming to Teesside University as an International student is to study but taking these part- time jobs will not affect your studies in any way because of its flexibility.

While gaining a little bit of extra pocket money, you will still have time to study without restrictions.

There are some part- time jobs in Teesside University which you can do to get paid while still studying such as working in the library as a library assistant, Student Union, Student Life Building.

There are also part- time jobs in the surrounding communities that offer work flexibility. These jobs include  Health Care Assistant Agencies, online tutor, sales assistant.

A picture of Nora in school

Nora Razak, an MA student of Business Administration, works in the University’s library.

She said: “I really enjoyed working in the University’s library post the COVID pandemic.”

“At first it seemed impossible because of the new environment and faces but with time I got used to it and started enjoying it.

“My day to day routine involves supporting students who have come to use the library, managing their activities and supporting them with any questions they have.

“Working in the  library also offers you work flexibility in between busy study schedule while still being paid.

“It doesn’t in any way affect your studies and it has also increased my communication and customer service skills which will be of a great use to me in the future and will also improve my CV.”

Apart from the school-based part- time jobs, there are also other part -time jobs in the locality and within which you can do without your studies being affected. They include; Care assistant, domestic assistants and sales assistants.

Nyasha carrying out her duty as a primary healthcare assistant.

Nyasha, an MA Social work student, works as a part time job as a health assistant for a Primary Care Agency in Middlesbrough.

She said: “Working for the first time is like an entrance into the world of adulthood, especially since it is in a foreign country where the culture is different.”

“Although it is an exciting thing to be able to make your own money and learn to be more self-dependent, it is challenging at first to balance between work and school.

“Few weeks post studying in Teesside University, I met a friend who introduced me to my current agency where I work as a part-time care assistant.

“I am glad I registered with them, because it offers work flexibility, you get to choose the days you wish to work without your studies being affected while still getting paid. It has also exposed me to a lot of UK cultures and has also improved my communication skills owing to constant communication with different people.”

As an International student, it will be quiet interesting getting involved in this part time job because, it will not only give you a little extra pocket money, but will also expose you to different cultures and backgrounds because you get to mix up with different people, and will also give you a taste of working life by improving your skills such as communication skills, time management, organisation and team work.

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