Students worry as its unclear whether they will be allowed to celebrate Christmas with their family

Christmas is coming and it should be an exciting time and a well-deserved break for students.

However, due to the covid-19 pandemic it is unclear whether students will be allowed home for the festivities.

Currently in Middlesbrough the public are prohibited from mixing with other households indoors or outdoors.

A Teesside University  Spokesperson said: “We continue to follow the guidance and, as this stage, there are no confirmed plans that require students to remain on campus during the Christmas break.”

Teesside University students have voiced their thoughts on the possibility of staying on campus during the Christmas break.

Holly McGookin, from Northern Ireland, studying social care, is in her final year at Teesside University.

Holly McGookin

She said: “I feel that students should be able to go home, given they are responsible and safe around Covid guidelines.”

“For me, it would allow me to see my family, as I am on placement for 100 days of the academic year, so Christmas is the only time I can see my family.”

Tom Wych, from Darlington, lives on campus and studies Computer Game Design.

Tom Wych

He said: “I think time at home is important for everyone at Christmas, even if you don’t celebrate Christmas, you can still spend time at home.”

“If I have to stay at university and can’t go home, don’t get me wrong it’ll be hard and it’ll be really depressing, but it’s for my family and my own well-being.”

English Post graduate student Ethan Harrison, also wants to get home for Christmas,

Ethan Harrison

He said: “Spending Christmas with my family would mean the world. It would be a return to normality and a chance to be human again.”

“You need to see your loved ones at Christmas, its human nature and not being able to is a slap in the face of students and parents alike.”

Niall Curran, from Northern Ireland, studying Computer Games design, also hopes he’ll be able to return home for Christmas.

Niall Curran

He said: “Though it would be disappointing to not see my relatives at Christmas, if the risk of Covid does increase, meaning the increase chance of passing it onto my relatives, then it would be the responsible thing to not risk transmitting the virus to my relatives.”

“Being away from home and in my case abroad for university can take a toll on students with anxiety and feelings of isolation and separation so being home with relatives especially for the holidays is very important to majority of students.”

The University continues to support the students and staff and offers support to those who have tested positive for the virus. For those self-isolating, they provide support packages which include free food and hygiene parcels and a regular checking system.

If you need help and are struggling, contact the student support team at studentwellbeing@tees.ac.uk


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