The following post contains work done during my time of study at Teesside University for my MA in Digital Media & Communications. You can view the rest of my work on (or just click the logo).

The Challenge: Create an app interface, design a prototyping tool to convert app users & increase visits to brick and mortar stores.

The project brief was to create an app interface and design using a prototyping tool for a lifestyle brand such as Nordstrom. The objective was to convert app users and increase visits to brick and mortar stores. The tricky part here was creating a journey that leads to the cart but provides incentive for users to step into stores.

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BFF App presentation


Challenge: Relaunch the Facebook page Angry Girl and create a video persona whilst maintaining anonymity

As part of a university course, I developed a creative strategy to relaunch my personal Facebook page, Angry Girl after a hiatus. I also developed a Period Tracker app with an in-app community board for user generated content.

Angry Girl Way Forward


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Challenge: Create an innovative handle for an everyday use product

The brief was to redesign a handle for an everyday item in an innovative and creative way. For this project, I went further than that and tried to create an extension of a handle that converts a backpack into a roller bag. This was inspired by a backpacking trip I was going to take in the summer. The idea was to have a converter that collapses into a smaller size and used at will depending on airline weight and dimension restrictions.

Product Design and Creative Innovation - Mahnoor Nadir


Challenge: Create a content strategy for Double 11

Disclaimer: This is student work and has no affiliation with the company.

Due to Covid-19 restrictions, students were asked to create a brief for their own selves in lieu of an actual placement. My self-initiated brief was to do a content audit and create a content strategy for Double 11, a Middlesbrough based game developing and publishing company.

Launchpad - Exit into Industry - Mahnoor Nadir W9142807
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