With Prom season upon us the facebook group Freebies Teesside has run an appeal to help those struggling with the cost of Prom.

Freebies Teesside now have a huge selection of dresses, suits, shoes, bags and accessories for young men and women who are struggling with the ridiculous expense that prom brings and obviously totally free of charge.” said Helen Daggett, one of the admin members for the group.

Dresses donated, courtesy of Freebies Teesside.

Several group members are also donating their time to do hair, make up and nails.

The group does their best to help those in need. As well as helping people afford the cost of Prom they also help the homeless.

Member of the Teesside Homeless Community, courtesy of Freebies Teesside.

Over Christmas 2018 they helped 3 members of the homeless community get into permanent accommodation as well as help them with some of the basics.

To donate to or make use of the prom appeal contact Helen Daggett or Natalie Thomas.

Or if you’d like to donate some items you’ll no longer need, join the group and offer your items there.

Co-Head of PR.

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