With a rise in Covid-19 cases this could mean face masks may become mandatory again.

People had to adapt to the rules and regulations brought in by the UK Government in 2019 to try and battle Covid-19.

For a while, wearing masks and standing two metres apart from one another was ‘the new normal.’

Now that the Government have lifted the restrictions, people are still not feeling safe in supermarkets and shopping centres.

Health secretary, Sajid Javid, suggested to the House of Commons that ‘the government may need to reintroduce mandatory face masks and advise the public to work from home.’

Will masks make a return in the future?

The Office for National Statistics (ONS) said: “82% of adults reported they wore a face covering when outside their home.

“Most adults (84%) felt that wearing a face covering was either very important or important as a measure to slow the spread of coronavirus.”

Social distancing became a big part of our lives along with the face coverings.

The ONS said: “Most adults (84%) felt that social distancing from others not in their household was either very important or important, though only 39% reported they always or often maintained social distancing when outside their home.”

Source – ONS

TUXtra carried out it’s own survey on how many people wore a mask during the last two years.

Throughout the last two years, the usage of face coverings have changed up and down with each passing month.

When asked why, people said it was because of the many lockdowns we had.

The majority wanted to wear a mask to prevent furthur lockdowns, with other people not bothering as they felt covid wouldn’t affect them.

As we roll towards the end of 2021 we can see the fall of face mask usage, although with christmas coming up, should people be wearing them so we don’t end up in another lockdown?

What do you think?

Jess, 22

“I feel like masks maybe will make a return, especially on public transport and in schools. Covid cases are not as high as they used to be and most people are double jabbed but covid is still around. We all think everything is pretty much back to normal so we are not taking those extra measures we used to. I don’t think anyone wants to go back into a lockdown, so maybe it would help the country if we did wear masks in public places again.”

Lauretta, 21

“I hope masks do make a return. I still wear mine when I go shopping or use public transport. A few people I know don’t really wear masks as they feel the pandemic is over. I do hope it goes away eventually but there are new cases being reported everyday. If people just wore masks on buses or in busy places like universities or shopping centres then we have a good chance of Covid going away.”

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