Boots and Primark – Two shops where you can always pick up some bargain presents, right here in Middlesbrough.

As the festive season approaches, students across Teesside are beginning to turn their attention to the cost of Christmas.

For most, this time of year comes with a lot of worry about how they can afford to buy a great present for their family and friends.

You can shop at stores that take student discounts or offer incentives such as loyalty cards.

DIY presents are also a good way to save on the cash, they do take more time but they’re worth looking into.

You could make some hampers as most discount stores sell everything you need for hampers, and they don’t cost much.

It does depends what size hamper you buy and how much you put in them, many can start off cheaper but the more you add the pricier they get.

For more memorable gifts, you could always get some pictures printed and buy a nice frame, they can be really affordable and always go down a treat.

Click on the audio link to find out more Christmas present discount ideas:


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