Amanda Owen with her book, ‘Adventures of the Yorkshire Shepherdess’.

The Yorkshire Shepherdess visited Saltburn to sign copies of her latest book.

Amanda Owen is a hill farmer and runs Ravenseat Farm in the Yorkshire Dales with her husband, Clive, and their nine children.

As seen on the popular ITV series, ‘The Dales’, and featuring in her own Channel 5 series, ‘Our Yorkshire Farm’, Amanda Owen has also been documenting her journey as a shepherdess as a best-selling author.

She describes what farm life is really like looking after all of their animals and the challenges they face daily.

Fans enjoy reading about her exciting, back to basics lifestyle and the joys of living in the countryside.

She visited Holly Blue Cards and Gifts in Saltburn to sign copies of her newest book, ‘Adventures of the Yorkshire Shepherdess’.

Holly Blue Cards and Gifts in Saltburn.

Amanda Owen said: “It is very much a family-run farm. It’s just me, my husband and my children and we all pitch in.”

“You have to take each day as it comes because so much of what we do depends on the seasons or the weather.

“You literally do not know what is going to happen each day. Obviously you have your sheep to feed and your cows to look after but the other things that you can’t control keep life interesting. We manage to make it work somehow.

“I think people enjoy the books and the series because as a family we’re just the same as everybody else. We make the best of opportunities that come along and people can relate to that. What you see is what you get.”

The Yorkshire Shepherdess signing copies of her latest book.

Fans queued up around the aisles of the shop to get the chance to speak to Amanda.

Some brought gifts and sweets for her to take home to her family. At previous signings, people have given her buckets, biscuits and even a guitar!

Rhona Harrison, who came to Saltburn to meet the shepherdess, said: “I came to get her new book signed and I have her other two at home. I watch her documentary on the television all of the time.

“She’s lovely, so friendly and very down to earth as well. How she copes with nine children and all of those sheep is wonderful. She is an inspiration to women.”

Amanda  is currently filming for her series and will be working on her next book.

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