Students pick up vintage fashion to help the environment

Have you ever thought about how you can help the environment? It’s not just turning lights off and recycling plastics, you can also recycle clothes!

Vintage Vera takes on climate change by giving old clothes a new lease of life.

The company took over Teesside University’s Students’ Union for a day and covered The Hub with vintage clothes that would otherwise have gone to landfill sites.

Students could then help themselves to as many clothes as they liked but every kilo cost them £15.

The Hub  was filled with clothes ranging from all sorts of labels catering to many tastes with plenty of people browsing along the aisles, sharing and admiring the clothes.

It was filled with members of the public as well as budding students looking for their bargains.

Danielle, a Teesside student studying for her PHD, found many bargains.

She said: “I just want to get some new clothes to be honest.”

“I love vintage clothes, I’m quite a gothic person so when I go to fairs, I come out of my gothic phase and find something different.

“I do buy a lot of clothes from bigger stores but I am trying to be more conscious  of where I buy clothes like charity shops and things. I will still wear my gothic boots, just new clothes.”


Danielle with her bargains

Jonah, one of the founding members of Vintage Vera took some time out to speak to TUXtra.

Jonah, One of the founding members

Vintage Vera is a small part of a bigger movement helping to avoid wastage and harming the planet.

The UK is the fourth highest producer of textile waste with a staggering 206 tonnes of it going to landfills according to a study by Circular.

Fast Fashion has been a big issue in recent years bringing to light how much people waste on clothing.

Charity shops and second hand clothing apps such as Vinted, Depop and Ebay have seen a surge in sales from students. Depop recently bought online store Etsy for just over £1 billion.

People have started to take notice including the Red Carpet events such as the BAFTA’s and fashion designers such as Stella McCartney.

You can do your bit by donating old and unwanted to local charities and visiting second hand clothing events such as Vintage Vera where you only pay £15 per kilo!

Plenty of bargains to be found! Vintage Vera is next in Middlesbrough at Base Camp on Saturday November



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