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Halloween is here! Have you got your costume sorted yet? If not, hurry up! The night of ghosts, vampires, and other scary creatures is this weekend.

Halloween is widely celebrated across the UK. Its origins date back to the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain when it was believed the boundary between the worlds of the living and the dead become blurred.

It has since evolved into a holiday when spooky legends, myths and folklore take centre stage.

It’s an annual tradition that the kids go ‘trick and treating’ while adults go to various themed parties.

People decorate their houses with carved pumpkins and dress fancy costumes.

Halloween is one of the most celebrated events due to its uniqueness.

For one night you may dress as whoever or whatever you want without having people pointing fingers at you.

The funnier or scarier the costume, the better!

If you are still looking for something to do this Halloween then check out the events below for some



The Murder Mystery:

Murder mystery victim

Murder Mystery action

Who knows, you might be the one unmasking the killer.

The ticket costs £45 including a 3-course meal but the experience and fun you will get is priceless.

The tickets are available here: Murder Mystery.

Sign up before it is too late and enjoy the exciting night of accusations, drama, spying, and mystery solving.

Aidey Pugh, the organizer of the event, explains why the event is unique.

He said: “You’re not forced to participate. The night is full of action and surprises and you’ll witness conversations between characters.”

“There’ll be arguments and fights, there’ll be lots of juicy gossips like people having affairs with each other (…)


“People can get involved up to a level they feel comfortable with so they can either sit back and watch or they can kick in off or they can join in and they can argue with the characters, they can accuse them of anything, they can pry into their personal life, they can steal the evidence from the evidence room…

“So there’s a lot on offer for them to join in with. The options are there.”

The event takes place in the Parkmore Hotel in Stockton-on-Tees.

The easiest way to get there is by train from Middlesbrough station.


Other Halloween events in Teesside:

A nightmare on Southfield Road

For those who prefer a usual Halloween party with drinks and dancing, there are other events to go to.

Teesside University Students’ Union hosts the annual ‘A nightmare on Southfield Road’ event.

The terrace is decorated with spider webs, spooky balloons and chandeliers to make you feel the Halloween scary vibe.

The ticket is 3.50£ and you can purchase it here: Halloween Party – A Nightmare on Southfield Road.

The event takes place tomorrow, so there is still enough time to sort your costume out and buy a ticket.

There is a £100 prize to win for the best Halloween costume.

Other events are hosted by various clubs in Middlesbrough such as Stereo Club, Barracuda, and the Empire.

The Empire is the biggest club in Middlesbrough and welcomes over a thousand people every year during a Halloween party.

One of the organizers, explains why the event is unique

He said: “We’ve got the Lunatic circus, which has got the performance artists, we’ve got firebreathers, giant still-walkers, acrobats… and with it being an old venue it gives us this advantage of lighting up to give it this sort of spooky effect.”


Teesside has a wide range of Halloween events on offer.

The prices vary from £3.50 to around £45 per event, so there is something for everyone.

Choose your event now and enjoy the spooky season.

Find out more about the Murder mystery night by clicking on the audio below:


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