If you’re looking to do something different this Halloween then why not spend the night watching a horror film in a castle

Local heritage sight Newcastle Castle, based in the heart of the city,  is putting on a Halloween extravaganza of spooky films.

In a time when entertainment is ruled by media giants such as Netflix, Amazon and Disney –  cinema goers are wanting more from the experience.

Unconventional cinema is now on the rise with 1950s style drive-ins, rooftop screenings and showings at strange venues.

Newcastle Castle has been hosting  screenings for several years with them proving extremely popular.

Newcastle Castle

The screenings are held in the castle keep, making it an extremely atmospheric setting to watch a classic horror film.

The Castle’s gothic architecture also lends itself to being a great backdrop for horror movies.

Newcastle Castle has decided to utilise the castles atmosphere to show classic horror movies such as The Exorcist, Psycho and Evil dead II within its walls.

Newcastle Castle

Although screenings are generally year-round affairs the Castle has decided to put multiple screenings on over Halloween week from the  October 23 – 30.

David Silk, Educational Officer at the Castle, said: “The castle has a reputation as being haunted but we didn’t want to go down the theme park route of people coming and seeing a white lady going round the stairs like some castles.”

“We wanted to draw on the gothic, haunted reputation in a different way and thought screenings of films was ideal for that.

“We do also try to curate our choice of films throughout the year, they are carefully selected, we don’t just choose the biggest blockbusters.”

You can find out more about the screenings in the video below:

The castle is over 800 years old and is the reason Newcastle got its name.

Over the years it has been a place where armies gathered, and criminals were imprisoned and executed.

What’s on in October?

Doors for showings open at 6pm whilst the screenings start at 6.30pm.

Newcastle Castle

The showings take place in the Great Hall of Newcastle Castle Keep.

Refreshments are available but you can also bring your own along.

The screenings do help to ‘Keep the Castle going’.

The Wicker Man – 23rd

The Exorcist – 28th

Psycho – 29th

Evil Dead II – 30th

For more information on tickets – which cost £9.50 – and showings visit the website here or you can find Newcastle Castle on Facebook.

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