John Coxon is the current owner of Leggs, a family run fashion store in Darlington that has been open for over 100 years.

John Coxon’s grandfather, George William Coxon outside the original shop around 1911

He began working for his father’s store shortly after leaving university where he was doing an engineering degree and has now fully taken over the business.

“I slipped into it by accident of birth”

“I was young and very foolish and spent most of my time lying underneath fast cars and making them go even faster but I’ve grown to love it”

I caught up with John where he described the history of the shop and what makes working in the industry so fantastic.



Leggs supplies some of the best fashion to people all over the North East.

It offers a range of clothes for both men and women and has one various prestigious awards over the years including fashion retailer of the year award three years running.

Writings from one of the old day books around 1911

The store was created in 1911 making it one of the longest retailers on the high-street of Darlington.

It has also become a very well-loved brand winning customer service provider in 2010 something John focuses on as he personally believes: “There has been far too much emphasis placed on running online services.”

He also stated when talking about how the store has become a staple of the high-street that: “One of our actual directions is to be the most friendly and approachable fashion shops in the North East.”

Having run the business for 45 years John shows no signs of slowing down due to his passion for the industry.

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