Based on a best-selling trilogy of novels, A Discovery Of Witches is a bold new drama TV series on Sky One, first airing on September 14.

It tells the tale of a forbidden romance between two characters from different species, how their romance develops as they tackle the obstacles put in their way.

The powerful closet witch known as Diana Bishop, played by Teresa Palmer, known for her roles in box office films such as Warm Bodies, discovers her powers as the story develops. Palmer is outstanding in her acting, putting real emotion into her character.

Within the first episode, the plot is established but through each subsequent episode the paths of the two characters Diana Bishop and Matthew Clairmont (who is played by Matthew Goode) become intertwined as their romance begins and the obstacles they face increase in danger, due to the mass amount of powerful characters trying to prevent the pair from joining forces.

Diana, betrayed by those closest to her, finds comfort in the arms of Matthew and his family, whom she calls her own. Matthew meanwhile, distraught by the discovery of this betrayal, seeks revenge and his protective instincts over Diana multiply.

The slow-motion scenes particularly add to the drama as the audience is left in suspense waiting for the action to occur. Each scene draws the audience in further with intense drama and action throughout.

With an outstanding increase in popularity, the new series has begun blowing up, receiving a five-star rating on Rotten Tomatoes by the time the 3rd episode was released.

The series is expected to climb even further in popularity with the first episode having received a rating of 8.7 on IMDb.

A Discovery of Witches is perfect for people who have a love for the supernatural and action-packed films that have a flare of intense drama.

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Shannon's review
  • A Discovery Of Witches


Overall the TV series is a fantastic for those interested in the supernatural and action based films, the actors and actresses are fantastic bring real life emotion to their characters.

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