Bright is a Netflix original movie that the platform can be proud of. It benefits from a strong cast with strong performances.

Bright is carried by the lead actors Will Smith (Daryl Ward) and Joel Edgerton (Nick Jackoby). Their performances deflect away from other weaknesses of the film. In parts, there is some overacting, especially on the part of Smith, but they make this film engaging. The plot is weak in places and the universe created too large, leaving many questions open at the climax.

There are signs that this isn’t a high budget ‘Hollywood blockbuster’ some of the special effects are lacking compared to current standards, but unusually they aren’t a tool to work around lack of narrative or acting presence, they are there to compliment.

The soundtrack is a hotchpotch of musical genre, but it works – from the soulful voice of Rag ‘n’ Bone man to the punk thrashings of Corrupted Youth, the tracks selected work with the feel of each scene they are selected for and compliment a well-worked soundscape with some nice subtle detail from the foley artists.


Overall this film is a good entertaining offering that isn’t disappointing in any way but isn’t going to set the world on fire in terms of breaking new ground. It’s a decent buddy cop tale with a fantasy twist.

Netflix Comes of Age
  • 64%
    Plot - 64%
  • 83%
    Acting - 83%
  • 47%
    Special Effects - 47%
  • 76%
    Sound - 76%
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