Teesside Uni is First in Europe to be an Adobe Creative Campus

Teesside University is Europe’s first Adobe Creative Campus, providing students and staff new creative and digital opportunities and free access to the Adobe Creative Cloud. 

Becoming an Adobe Creative Campus is the latest step in Teesside University’s Future Facing Learning initiative (which includes offers students a free iPad and £100 vouchers towards learning materials). The University, the first in Europe, has now joined a team of 40 other universities, including Boston and Utah, to develop the communicationcreativity and digital literacy skills that will set students up for success in the workplace and society – helping improve employability.

Over 16,000 Teesside University Students now have free access to the Adobe Creative Cloud, (saving hundreds of pounds based upon a 3-year course), along with exclusive access to short courses designed to boost their creative and academic skills.

As Europe’s first Adobe Creative Campus, Teesside University will not only provide access to Adobe’s industry-leading creative and design tools and digital learning resources, it will also benefit from dedicated activities to help staff embed the tools into their curricula. Students will have access to all the creative cloud apps and services from all their devices enabling them to produce, collaborate and share their work from anywhere, anytime. Staff will also benefit from having access to a rich set of tools from which they can develop new forms of learning and assessment experiences that are built on top of Adobe’s industry leading platforms.

What Does This Mean for Students?

  • Free access to the Adobe Creative Cloud
  • Access to advanced learning experiences
  • Access to certificates awarded by Adobe (only available at Teesside University!)
  • Substantial savings on the Adobe Creative Suite
  • The opportunity to develop industry-standard editing and creative skills

Adobe Creative Cloud is immediately available to all students and staff at Teesside University, and is valid for the duration of each student’s time at Teesside.

A recent Adobe study analysed more than 50,000 EMEA job postings across 18 career fields and found the most sought-after skills to be ‘communication‘ (listed in 63% of job postings), ‘creativity‘ (54%) and ‘collaboration’ (48%). For more information on this superb accolade and benefits see the links below.

What do I do next? Sign up to the Adobe Creative Suite and showcase your work here on TUXtra!

Adobe Creative Campus – About

Teesside University becomes first Adobe Creative Campus in Europe | Media centre | Teesside University

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