Teesside student’s awe-inspiring body transformation during lockdown.

Lockdown proved to be a tough time both physically and mentally for the majority of the public, but not for one Teesside University student who found lockdown to be a godsend.

Dylan Smith, who is studying Biomedical Science, used the lockdown to improve his mental health and transform his body by working out at the gym.

Dylan's Progress picture from June 18th to August 31st
Dylan’s Progress picture from June 18th to August 31st

Th e22-year-old stopped partying and eating unhealthy food and decided to get fit in an attempt to try improve the personal and academic aspects of  hislife.

He said: “I was tired of being fat and was determined to get into a medium top I was given.”

Dylan When he weighed 24 stone before working out.

Dylan used to weigh 24 stone before deciding to go to the gym where as now he weighs 13 stone and he had a lot of bad food habits and cravings.

He said: “One of the hardest parts were controlling and not giving into my cravings, but they only last roughly two weeks.”

Jaffa cakes (337 calories), Wotsits (547 calories), Greggs sausage rolls (328), chocolate milk (206 calories) and Chicago town pizzas (1814 calories) were frequently eaten by Dylan and during his new diet wouldn’t be able to eat them due to their unhealthy nature and these foods were one of the leading causes to why he was so overweight.

He said: “Some days in my diet I would be eating 1700 calories at the start to actually drop the weight and id have to go in the gym and work out other days eating 1900 calories.”

The average daily calorie intake for men is 2500 so he had to leave a 800 calorie deficit so his body could use the fat surplus as he used to have a daily intake of 3232 calories a day almost halfling his calories per day to lose weight.

Anyone could make this transformation in their lives all that it takes is determination and dedication to make the changes necessary to having a healthy body and a healthy mind as its been proven people who look after their body tend to have a healthier mindset and a more positive outlook on life.

Dylan had this bit of advice for anyone who is thinking about getting fit and healthy.

He said: “Don’t try and do it alone, get someone to help you unless you have done all the research yourself and know what your doing.”

“People are willing to help and its not expensive don’t go to a big brand gym your local gym will do!

and once you start cooking fresh you wont want to go back to fast food and freezer food.”

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This is a picture of Dylan on a night out before his lifestyle choices.
Dylan showcasing his back in his body transformation.
Dylan showcasing his full body transformation.

Dylan talks about how exercise transformed his life in the clip below:


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