Hi, I am Sarka and I graduated a decade ago (really?!)

I am Czech and now I live and work in Australia. I teach Yoga and I am a producer and trainer for broadcasters of a media organisation SBS. We cater to the multicultural society of Australia in up to 68 languages. I came here 7 years ago for a friend from Teesside. (the relationship didn’t work out, Australia did)

It has been a ride since leaving Teesside, and haven’t I gone to the UK, I would have never dared to jump on it! I had an internship in radio in Ghana, worked for a small NGO in Sierra Leone as well as bars in New Zealand, and travelled in Asia. I then went back home to work in the field I love – journalism. 2 years in the newspaper, 2 years as a spokesperson for Greenpeace were amazing…but then the travel bug kicked in and here I am…

2022 arrived here in a hectic way: I was just on a hiking/surf holiday, when the Omicron swept through the nation. I got live call from Czech radio on New Year’s Eve and of course, then came back to self-imposed semi-lockdown.

So the 2022 started by training people online and producing content from home, interviewing via Webex and in my wardrobe as the sound is the best there.

I also teach Yoga, so also this shifted to online classes. Challenging, rewarding, comfortable (hello truckies all day) and hard at the same time (goodbye meowing cat when I do super-important interview, or lead a training session).

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