Teesside gamers review the new FIFA 22 game

The new football game FIFA 22 has been given mixed reviews from Teesside gamers.

EA Sports’ latest football game: “FIFA 22” is listed in the Guinness World Records books as the biggest selling sports video game of all time.

The game offers  new menus, more up -to-date players and a new style of play.

Tuxtra asked Teesside gamers what they thought of the new format.

Adam Mackay, 19






Adam Mackay, 19, said: “My opinion on the new FIFA has differed since the game’s release as initially I didn’t like the gameplay and I thought it was slow and very sluggish and I didn’t enjoy it.”

“However after playing the game over the last few weeks I have found myself enjoying it more.

“I personally like how the game has been slowed down so you can play nicer football rather than being ran at by one player the whole game.”

Billy Tate, 20










Billy Tate said: “I enjoy the feel of the division system, it’s easy but also has the aspect of challenge in it. The goalkeepers are broken and too hard to score against.”

“I would like to see them do more with Career mode in future FIFA’s because they brought in the create a club but it’s very much just the same as any other career mode,.

“Maybe like none league being brought in would be good for the game and make it a proper challenge like a football manger aspect.”

Robert Smith, 39










Robert Smith said: “I’ve been a fan of the FIFA games since the early 90’s and I still buy it every year on the day of release.”

“I mainly play FIFA Ultimate Team and this year with improvements to the games mechanics, gameplay and obviously the graphics, it’s the new Division Rivals and FUT Champions game modes that have seen the most changes.

“I prefer both of these modes compared to recent titles and the rewards seem to be much better as well.”

Click the link below to see more of an insight to the new FIFA 22 gameplay.


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