The environment and it’s wellbeing is becoming more and more of a concern, protests are happening every single day and The Government is under pressure more than ever to put plans in place to tackle climate change.

However, to create big changes you sometimes have to start small. Teesside University’s Student Union is doing just that – by serving coffee in new biodegradable cups

The new cups are lined with cornstarch instead of plastic, meaning both the cup and lid are compostable.

biodegradable cups being served at Teesside’s Student Union

It’s still important however, to check you’re discarding the cups into the correct bin around the university campus. Usually marked with an orange colour, the bins are labelled “tins and drinks cans, plastics, empty packaging and clean polystyrene”.

Taking care to discard waste in the correct bins helps push forwards with these initiatives, and working together to do our best for the environment will ensure we make a difference.

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