WECreate Memories is an embodied interpretation of memories of the citizens of Limerick. Prompted by collected memories of the people of Limerick via recorded audio interviews, the artists have been wandering the streets tracing the steps and tales of the city and its inhabitants. Memories are impressions that are inscribed in the architecture of the city and through the faded sensations that are apparent in the voices of the people. From the love story, to the lace textiles and the pig factories, the city landscape inhabits stories that are felt and materialise through the bodies, the camera and the rhythmic edit, which captures the reminiscence of the past.

Filmed in Limerick, Ireland, 2019.

Directors: Ana Baer & Heike Salzer

Dance: Michelle Nance, Heike Salzer

Costume design: Robert Burton

Original music: Joaquin Lopez Chas

Camera: Ana Baer

Editing: Ana Baer

Production: WECreate Productions

Length: 5.00 Min

Dimensions: 1920 × 1080i

Supported by Dance Limerick, Texas State University, Teesside University.

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